TInchuley is located at a distance of 30 km from Darjeeling

TInchuley is a lovely mountain village located at a distance of 30 kilometers from Darjeeling, 25 kilometers from Kalimpong blessed with a lovely weather. Reckoned as an offbeat tourist destination, Tinchuley is a relatively new discovery in the eastern Himalayas.  Located at an elevation of 5,500 feet, the weather in Tinchuley is pleasant most of the year. However, the best time to Tinchuley is during the summers when the temperature remains between 18 and 22 degree Celsius. Tinchuley is promoted as part of the Home Stay Project in eco-tourism initiative. Lot of organic farming is also done in the area.

How to reach TInchuley

Tinchuley can be reached via different routes. If you are coming from Darjeeling, you have to take the Jorbungalow-6th mile bazaar-Takdah route to Tinchuley. If you are looking for adventure, then take the other route through Teesta Bazaar-Chegra basti-Takling village and Kolbang to reach Tinchuley. This route is known one but difficult to drive. There is another route to reach Tinchuley through the Bengal-Sikkim Highway via 27th mile. The journey through this route is beautiful with Teesta Velly-tea estates and Low Dam Project.

Accomodation in TInchuley

Accommodation in Tinchuley is not a problem. Though the best is the Gurung Cottage, there are other home stays available in the village. Gurung Cottage is the first home stay facility in Tinchuley and hence is the most experienced one in terms of hospitality. They provide basic amenities and delicious food.

Attractions in TInchuley

The natural beauty and bounty of Tinchuley is its major attraction. It is a nature lover’s paradise. A stroll through the pine and oak forests, orange orchards, marigolds, colorful Buddhist flags and small cottages will make you feel like you have landed in a dreamland. Tinchuley’s beauty appears to be straight out a fairytale book which will enthrall you and the memory will last for the lifetime.

Of course the sunrise and sunset with the color play at the mountain top is one of the major attractions of Tinchuley. The Gumbadara view point offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the mighty Teesta and the entire Eastern Himalayan range with all its beauty. The Takdah and the Rangli-Rangliot Tea gardens are close by. Darjeeling tea is an extremely famous and loved variety of high quality tea with strong taste and flavor. You will find a number of tea gardens in the region like Teesta Valley Tea Garden, Gayle Bhanjan Tea Garden and Namring Tea Garden.

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