Chuikhim near kalimpong

Explore the Splendid Natural Beauty of Chuikhim

Kalimpong is a popular hill station in North Bengal well known for its panoramic views, orchid gardens, and Buddhist monasteries. Though it is a delight to visit Kalimpong, the destination often remains overcrowded. If you are searching for an offbeat location with the spectacular beauty of Kalimpong, you can visit Chuikhim, a small village in the Kalimpong district.

Chuikhim entry near kalimpong


This small village was hardly visited by tourists, mainly because it was almost inaccessible. One traveling from the New Jalpaiguri station took 5 hours to reach this place via Kalimpong. In recent years, the road condition has improved, and another alternative way through Bagrakote has become operational, which has renewed the interest of visitors to explore the unbelievable natural beauty of this small village.

What are the top attractions of this village?

This valley is situated on the slopes of the mountain and mist and clouds make it appear like a wonderland. The valley gently rolls down to the Leesh river bed. Another river Ghish flows through this region. Bagratoke, a small tea garden lies between these two rivers.

The place is all about enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of nature rather than hopping around in search of an attractive spot. Each corner of the village offers a magnificent view. Just spend the day lazily walking through the Chel forest, enjoying the stunning sunrise or sunset from atop the hill inside the village, or sitting ideally on the bed of the Leesh River. If you are looking for some adventure, trekking to the Ghish riverbed can be a good option. There are waterfalls, caves, and canyon formations in the river valley, which may give you a rush of adrenaline.

Chuikhim near kalimpong


How is the weather in Chuikhim?

The weather is pleasant around the year. So, this place can be visited anytime. Winters are a bit chilly. The pollution-free serene atmosphere is what is most enjoyable.

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