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  • tushar kanti banerjee says:

    I wish to travel at bandorvola, near jhargram, west bengal. ihave got about the place from news paper. inspite of the opportunity for on line booking, ido notget any details from google .how to solveit.

    • Holidayhotspot Admin says:

      Hi Tushar,

      I would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in our site.

      I think you wanted to say about ‘Bandar villa‘, you could reach Bandar villa within 20mins with taking a pedal rickshaw fro Jhargram. Just behind the Ma Saradha school there is a resort to stay there.

      If you are staying there, please visit the below places:
      – Jhargram to Chilkigarh Kanak Durga temple 15 km
      – Jhargram to Sabiti Mandir 3 km
      – Jhargram to Kendua 10 km
      – Jhargram to Dherua (bank of Kansal river )
      – Jhargram to Medical Plants Garden (Kalaboni )
      – Jhargram to Kakrajhor forest
      – Jhargram to Ketki falls
      – Jhargram to Tribal Museum
      – Jhargram to Mps Garden Resort 6 km
      – Jhargram to Rabindra Park 1 km
      – Jhargram Palace (Rajbari) 3 km


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