Dutch Cemetery in Murshidabad

The Dutch Cemetery is located next to the Cossimbazar railway station at Kalkapur where the Dutch owned huge factories in the year 1666 AD were based. The grandeur of the Dutch has been ruined and small tombs of 43 in number remain to this day. Most of the monuments were built between 1721 and 1792 AD. The oldest monument at the Dutch cemetery belongs to Daniel van der Muyl who died in 1721. Most of the monuments are pyramidal in shape with cenotaphs mentioning the names. Some of the popular and relatively less ruined ones include Gregorius Herklots, Matthias Arnoldus Brahe, tamerus Cantes Vischer. The cemetery is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

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0 thoughts on “Dutch Cemetery in Murshidabad

  • Amos Boasson says:

    Hi, where can I find a list of the names of the Dutch buried in that cemetery by Cossimbazaar? I am looking for an ancestor of mine – Ringh.

    • indispottravel says:

      Hello, Though it is a tomb of 47 Dutch person; I have got few English and Dutch name as below.
      Please check below, it would be a great honor for us if it can help you!

      Daniel van der Muy, who died in 1721 AD. Gregorius Herklots , died 1739, of the Dutch East India Company (cousin of Gregory Herklots of Chinsurah Matthias Arnoldus Brahe, died 20th August 1772. Tamerus Cantes Vischer , died 1778, Head Merchant, Dutch East India Company. Johann Gantvoort Van Asften , died 20th October 1792, Surgeon to the Company.

      1. Isabella Sneyd (died 1856), wife of Lt F.P Balley(7th regiment).
      2. Mary Grant (born 1796, died 1871) – As per the inscription on her grave she was born in Carlow, Ireland.
      3. Valentine Owen (born 1906, died 1907) son of Bertram Owen.
      4. Rev. A.W Walsh* (death 9th July, 1871) – Former Chapleon of Berhampore.
      5. Maria Mollis (age 36 years when she died), wife of John Mollis.
      6. Mihcael Fawley (death 1885).
      7. Charles Mainwaring Esq(death 1828).
      8. Thomas Benjamin Rice (death 1882).
      9. Maria Eliza Rice (death 1898)- Her grave has the mark IHS, which stands for the first three letters of JESUS’s name in Greek Alphabet.
      10. Joseph Edwin (death 1870).
      11. Jane Arrow (death 1891).


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