Roshni Bag, Muqbara of Suja-ud-Daulah, Murshidabad

Roshni Bag is the mausoleum or muqbara of Suja-ud-Daulah located in Murshidabad district. Suja-ud-Daulah dies in 1739 and was buried in this spot. When translated in English it means ‘garden of lights’. Once you enter the premises, you will notice a 3 domed brick built mosque in the northwestern part stands enclosed in a walled compound. The mausoleum of Suja-ud-Daulah can be seen from the mosque as a rectangular structure. Arriving at the spot is easy by a car; taxi or you can simply walk to it if you are staying around. This place is of utmost significance to the students of history and archaeology.

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