Meghma is situated at an elevation of 9,514 feet

Meghma is a mystic village situated at the Singalila Ridge at an elevation of 9,514 feet. Megh means cloud and this mystic village is mostly enveloped by clouds throughout the year. The beauty of the hamlet lies in its scenery and weather. Tourists who have visited Meghma once in their lives love to come back to the land of clouds over and over again. About 9 kilometers from Manebhanjan on the way to the famous peak Sandakphu of Singalila range, Meghma is a pristine beauty. Meghma has a tranquil atmosphere which will make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

How to reach Meghma

It is located on the border area of India and Nepal. The area is quite heavily guarded by the Border Security Force posted all along the route. However, no checking is performed by the forces because it is treated as a freeway by the neighboring countries. There are points where the road intersects the regions of India and Nepal but the friendly relations between the countries have enabled this route to be neutral. As mentioned earlier, Meghma is reached by trekking the route towards Sandakphu from Manebhanjan. The road is steep and hence it will take around 3.5 hours to reach Meghma.

Accomodation in Meghma

There is a small cottage which doubles up as a tea house in the heart of Meghma run by Indra Adhikari. This hut welcomes trekkers and non trekking tourists to stay at night. The interior is made of wood and occupied by low furniture and a large central dining table. It is quite cozy considering the temperature outside the hut. Indra Adhikari serves fantastic tea to the visitors and during winters you can always get inside the kitchen to warm yourself from the earthen oven. You will be accompanied by local people from the village also. The rooms have basic amenities and the toilet is downstairs. The buckets filled with water usually freeze during the winter season. Indra prepares food for the guests himself. There is also Sailung Lodge where the tourists can put up.

Attractions in Meghma

While you halt at Meghma for a day you can visit the local Sangchen Ugagyur Hoshal Dechen Choling Monastery nearby. The villagers will tell you that there is a monk praying inside it for the past 3 years and he never comes out in the open. You can also chat with the security force officers; they are amiable. Start early the next day from Meghma either on foot on the right hand side road or on vehicle on the left hand side road. The left side road leads to Tumling village while the right one leads to Tonglu which is a resting place for the trekkers.

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