Bankura Chechuria Eco Park

The Chechuria Eco Park is located at a distance of 170 km from Kolkata and 26 kilometers away from Bishnupur, which is the prime tourist location in Bankura. It has a large water body and has lots of area where small children can play to their hearts’ content. It has arrangements for boating as well. The forest department has built this wonderful tourist destination of late. In short, the Chechuria Eco Park can be described as a fantastic getaway spot for people tired with their daily lives. When one walks in the midst of the park one will hear the pleasant chirping of birds and lots of trees, something they are not accustomed to in the big cities.

At Chechuria one also gets the rare opportunity to infuse his or her lungs with fresh air, which is short supply in this day and age of pollution. One could spend the nights in the forest bungalow and sample some lovely delicacies cooked by the local people, which are available at the eateries located nearby. It is also a great idea to take a tour of the nearby Bishnupur and then come back and relax at this wonderful location in the lap of nature.

The planned park covers a total expanse of 85 hectares. The forest that covers the Eco Park is spread across 765 hectares and is filled with trees such as sal, piyasal, mahua and kendu trees.

What can one do at Chechuria Eco Park?

At the Chechuria Eco Park one can arrange a get together. One can get friends whom they rarely meet or even siblings and cousins and enjoy in each other’s company. Then, people who are interested can go to Latapara, which is a tribal village located nearby. Panchmura, which is a village where terracotta artisans stay, can also be visited from Chechuria. It is at a distance of 12 km.

Opening time: 8 am – 4-45 pm.

How to get to Chechuria Eco Park?

The easiest way to go to Chechuria Eco Park is to go to Bishnupur, which lies at a distance of 19 km. However, if one does not have a car then there are other options such as autos and trekkers that can be taken on hire. In addition, one may take trains to the Eco Park that are available from both Bishnupur and Bankura.

You can catch a bus from the city (Kolkata). There are a number of Khatra bound buses crossing Lalbazar and Chechuria. You can even board a Bankura to Zhargram bus and get down at Taldangra and traverse a 3-km distance on foot, van or car.

When is the best time to visit Chechuria Eco Park?

Thanks to the lush greenery all around, one can visit Chechuria Eco Park at any time in the year.

Important details

If one wishes to spend a night or two at the Chechuria Eco Park one needs to book the cottage in advance. Following are the contact details for the same:

DFO, Panchet Soil Conservation, Bishnupur,
PO: Bishnupur,
District: Bankura.
Telephone: (03244) 252189

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