Ranibandh, Bankura

Ranibandh is a community development block in Bankura district’s Khatra subdivision. This administrative division of Khatra in Bankura in West Bengal is served by the Ranibandh police station with its headquarters at Ranibandh. If you are traversing the distance from Bankura to Jhilimili (a tourists attraction in Khatra subdivision of Bankura perched on the hill top—primarily known for its picturesque natural beauty featuring dense forests), Ranibandh will be found exactly at 40 kilometers and Mukutmanipur at 18 kilometers.

Mukutmanipur is one of the beautiful attractions, located near this city. The Bankura (BQK) railway station is located nearby (placed 16.5 kilometers away). The nearest airport is at Kolkata (173 kilometers away). Besides, Mukutmanipur (a famous backwater getaway in West Bengal), other centers of attraction are Jamshedpur and Bishnupur (known for its heritage and culture).

Ranibandh remains a “natural” spectacle spreading across a good 7100 hectares, covered by around a dozen of hills and trees or vegetation like Palash, Arjun, Amlaki, Bahera, Piyashal and others. It is also home to several tribal groups including “Mundaa”, “Orao”, “Bhumij”, and “Shantaals”. You can view the God of these tribal groups perched on the peak of the hill/mountain. The cascading “Kangsabati River” flows by the side of the hills/mountains as well—thus adding to the overall beauty of the place. You can arrange for a quick tour to the nearby Taalberia from Ranibandh as well. If you are really looking forward to a quiet weekend sojourn, then Ranibandh can be an affordable option.

Where to stay

Ranibandh Forest Guest House (right at the middle of the forest)

DFO: South Bankura, Bankura (Zila Parishad Bungalow)

Balaka Parjatak Nibash (belonging to Panchayak Samiti)

Nearby places you can visit

Ranibandh can be visited from nearby Bashpahari Tamajuri, Shiyarbeda, Bholabeda Belpahari Shilda and Jhaargram. You can avail jeeps from Ranibandh as well

You can visit Purulia from Jhilimili (10 kms from Ranibandh) as well.

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