Jhilimili Bankura- Explore Nature’s Beauty at its best

Jhilimili is a noted tourist destination, located in the Khatra subdivision of the district of Bankura. It is precisely located at the border of Purulia, Bankura and Midnapur. Situated just 70 kilometers away from the Bankura town, the Jhilmili district is an area of dense and imperturbable natural beauty. The place is perched on a hillock and on your way from Ranibund to Jhilimili you can catch a glimpse of a range of unique sights adorned by dense forests of varying heights. These forests can be seen on both sides of the road.

The area covered by Jhilimili and Mukutmanipur (the second biggest earthen Dam of India, 55 kms away from Bankura) has emerged as one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Bankura. Nestled on the banks of the Kangsabati River, this unique tourist attraction is covered by micaceous soil that accentuates the beauty of this place. In fact, it can be said that the place partially derives its name from the “sparkle” of this soil. Jhilimili, in Bengali, means “sparkle”. A step on to Jhilimili and you are greeted by panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings. It’s a quiet place and can act as an idyllic gateway for those seeking a quiet vacation away from the clamor of urban life.

Jhilimili is particularly known for its unadulterated natural beauty. It is said that even the mighty sun cannot pierce through its foliage of haritaki, amloki, and bahera. Behold the wondrous sight of the waves dancing slowly to the beats of the calm winds.  However, the place is plagued by the lack of sufficient water. The “Tusu” fair or festival of the tribals, organized on the bank of the river, is one of the key attractions of Jhilimili. The tribals from places far away gather at this place to sell different items as well as bask in the revelry (with dance and music). You can hear the chirping of known and unknown birds. Elephants from the Dalma hill descend to Jhilimili during the winters, being attracted by its beauty. You can catch all the scenic views from a watch tower.

Hirbandh is a nice place for weekend, it is 23 km away from Khatra.

How to reach Jhilimili

  • CSTC buses are available from Esplanade for bandwan purulia via Jhilimili. Departure time: 6.15 pm.
  • SBSTC  buses are available from Esplanade for Jhilimili via Bankura(2.20 pm) – Mukutmanipur(3.35 pm) -Ranibandh. Departure time: 9 pm.
  • You can catch a bus from Jhargram via Mukutmanipur or Jhargram to  Raghunathpur via Jhilimili.
  • You can even board a bus or trekker from Mukutmanipur to Khatra.


Accommodation is available just 5 minutes away from the bus stand:

Rimil Parjatak Nibas
Deluxe room:  Rs. 350-550
Call/Write: AK Das Shyama Bastralaya, PO: Jhilimili, District: Bankura
Telephone: 9748114667

Forest Bungalow at Hirbandh, DFO – South Bankura
Telephone: 250307

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    Want to visit Mukutmanipur and Jhilmil.Will it be possible in two days?
    Will go from Kolkata.
    How to get there?

  • kaushik banerjee says:

    yes it is possible.the scenic beauty of this place is amazing.u can visit mukutmanipur and jhilmil in a single day.u hav to start early.i visited this place just a day ago.it is so beautiful.the lake amidst the forest is worth to watch.the view points are good but poorly maintained.

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