Sri Ramakrishna Birthplace

Kamarpukur, Hooghly

Kamarpukur is a village of Hooghly district in West Bengal. Great religious prophet Sri Sri Ramkrisna dev was born in Kamarpukur on 17th February, 1836. Therefore Kamarpukur becomes one of the holy place. Famous artist Nandalal Basu planned for a marvellous temple of Sri Ramkrisna on his birthplace, Dhenkisal in 1951.


  • Garbagriha, Exact spot where Sri Sri Ramkrisna dev was born
    Garbagriha, Exact spot where Sri Sri Ramkrisna dev was born

    Temple of Sri Ramkrisna: Ramkrisna mission has enshrined this temple. The image of Sri Ramkrisna was made of white marble. The temple is opened from 6.00 – 11.00 a.m. and 15.30 – 20.30 p.m. in summer and from 16.00 – 21.00 p.m. in winter season. The ceremonial waving of light ( mangal arati ) can be seen with special arrangement at 4.00 a.m./4.30 a.m. ( winter season ). (Photography inside not allowed)

  • Raghubir temple : Raghubir temple is located at the left side of main temple.
  • Brth place of Sri Ramkrisna Dev
  • Mango tree planted by Ramkrisna Dev.
  • Haldar Pukur , at opposite of the misson.
  • Sita Nath Pain’s House
  • Dhani Kamarini’s House
  • Jogi Siva Temple
  • Chinu Sakhari’s House
  • Bhutir smasan
  • Gadadhar Children Park
  • Laha Babu’s House, Pathshala and Bishnu Mandir
  • Gopeswar Siva Temple
  • Bisalakshi Temple

All these spots can be visited within a hour. There are some another visiting spots,  these are:

  • Garh Mandaran and Vitar garh, 6 km away
  • Gaji and Pir Saheb’s Darga, 2 km away
  • Ismail Gaji’s Cimetry
  • Devi Malini Pasan and Kajla Dighi, 1 km away
  • Deer park
  • Lake
  • Dewan Pir’s Place
  • Durges nandini tourist spot (picnic spot), Opening time: 8am-7pm, Entry fees: Rs. 10,
    Telephone: 03211-244356 and Hooghly Zila Parisad, Telephone: 26802139
  • Saileswar siva Temple
  • Chandu’s sal forest by the side of Darakeswar river, 4km away. There is a forest bungalow for night stay.
  • Dharma Raj thakur’s rather mela, Starts at Vijaya Dashami for 7 days.
  • Mukundapur Siva Temple, on the way (2km) to Arambag

You can collect White Bonde Sweets,  Jalebi and Mouchak Sweets at arambag bus stand.

How to Reach

Kamarpukur is situated at a distance of 104 km. from Kolkata, 45 km from Tarakeswar and 16 km from Arambag.


  • From Howrah to Arambagh daily trains available. Then take a bus for Kamarpukur.
  • From Burdwan Railway Station to Arambagh Railway Station and from there to Kamarpukhur.
  • From Durgapur Railway Station to Bankura Railway Station from there to Kamarpukur by bus.


CSTC, SBSTC, Private Buses are also available from Sahidminer (Kolkata) to Kamarpukur – Jairambati – Bisnupore -Bankura – Mukutmanipur – Susunia – Santaldih – Durgapur. The approximate time taken is 3 hours from Kolkata usually. Busses are available from 6.15 am up to 3.30 pm in an interval of 30 minutes. Only CSTC buses are available for Kamarpukur from esplaned at 6 o’clock, fair Rs. 41. Local buses are also available from Arambag, Tarakeswar, Burdwan.


Can be travelled through the Bombay Road to Ghatal via Panskura.


Ram Krishna Mission has own guesthouse. Prasad (lunch) will be available at 11.30 am through advance coupon. Coupons are available within 9.30 am.

Write a reply letter to:
The President, 
Ramakrishna Math,Kamarpukur,
Village: Kamarpukur, District: Hoogly ( W.B), Pin: 712 612
Telephone: (+91) 03211-244221
Fax: (+91) 03244-244763

Jilla parisad bungllow is also available 1 km. away from the mission.
Write to: District Engineer, Hooghly District Board, Chinshurah
Telephone: 26802139

Private hotel:

Relux Lodge, Bus Stand
Deluxe room: Rs. 400-1000
Telephone: 244699/9434345328
Kolkata Booking: 9748114667/25136161

Gadadhar Lodge, Bus Stand
Deluxe room: Rs. 200-250
Telephone: 244041

Kamarpukur Tourist Lodge, Bus Stand
Deluxe room: Rs. 200-300
Telephone: 244699/9434345328

Sri Ramakrishna-Saradha Lodge, on the way to ashram

When to Go

Kamarpukur is popular all through the year. But winter season is preferable to visit.

Nearby Places


Jayrambati is a village of Bankura district in West Bengal. Maa Sarada Devi was born in Jayrambati in 1853. Sri Sri Ramkrishna Dev married Maa Sarada Devi when she was only six years old. Not only wife she was spiritual companion of Sri SriRamkrishna Dev. Find Out More →


Tarakeswar is located 51km. away from Jayrambati. Tarakeswar is a holy place for Hindu pilgrims. Tarakeswar is a small town in Hooghly district in West Bengal. Principal attraction of this town is the temple of Taraknath wherein Lord Siva is woreshiped. This temple is founded by Mukunda Ghos in 1729. Not only devotees from West Bangal visit this place, it attracts people from all over India. There are plenty of buses available from Jayrambati to Kamarpukur. Find Out More →


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