Susunia, Bankura

A hill, situated in the southern portion of West Bengal (on the north western part of the district of Bankura), Susunia is your archetypal idyllic gateway to unparalleled calmness. Situated 13 kilometers from Bankura is Chhatna. Susunia is situated 10 kilometers away from Chhatna. Its rich flora and fauna, holy spring and the rock faces are its highlights. This place is a centre for rock climbing and a place of archeological interest. In fact, many trekkers are believed to have started their journey from here. It’s a 440 metres hill that dates back before Himalayas.

Placed on a 1500 feet tall hill, Susunia can act as the perfect holiday destination with family and friends, especially if you are looking to unwind after a hectic week. It is believed to be built by King Chandravarman. The beauty of the place is accentuated by river Gandheshwari, flowing down the hill and by the plenty of greenery. There is a very curious collection of small and large stones, as a result of which it is also known as the Poppins Peak. Amlaki, arjun, palash, and mohua are the prime highlights of the vegetation. Artworks from President medal winners’ studios can be viewed as well.


Susunia is known as a fossil site as well. You can check out the fossil remains of giraffe, lion, hyena as well as other species. While taking a round of this famous site, do make sure that you are taking a tour of the notable attractions like:

  • The oldest rock inscription of the West Bengal (do not forget to check out Shilalipi, the fourth century stone inscription of King Chandravarman —- he was the king of one the kingdoms of Jodhpur, Rajasthan who conquered Bengal and built a castle at Aranyak Susunia hill. He died at the end of the fourth century in a war against Samudra Gupta.
  • The Narasingha Stone (carved stone)—it graces the place where the spring water pours out of a carved projected spout. Besides, trekking, tourists are also encouraged to camp or organize picnics here. You can also buy the wonderful stone carvings at affordable prices.
  • Two nearby villages of Dhokra craftsmen Bindhyajam in the Chhatna police station area and Netkamla in the Saltora police station area
  • There is a temple of Goddess Kali as well (visited by tourists from faraway places)
  • Dhara. The spring water which is believed to have medicinal properties
  • Biharinath is highest peak of bankura (448 meter) with Biharinath temple at top of the hill.

How to reach Susunia

  • If you are coming from along NH 2 or from Durgapur, turn right just the Barjorah morh (crossing) after crossing the Durgapur Barrage.
  • You can also get up on a Purulia bound train from Howrah and get down at Chhatna.
  • Direct buses available from Bankura and Kharagpur.
  • Only one bus is available at 7 am from Bishnupur.
  • Bus and Mini Bus are available from Durgapur to Susunia.


Susunia Gram Panchayat maintains well furnished guest house named Aranyak. You can book it in advance. It offers great views of the surrounding landscape. There is a total of 4 rooms, one with air-condition, another one without air-condition. Another one is a dorm with three baths and attached bath.

You can also stay at the Kole Rest House or the Forest Guest House
Telephone (for booking): 03242-234201

Green Lodge

Yuba Abas
Kolkata booking telephone: 22480626

Guest House at Biharinath hill
Deluxe room: Rs. 250, Dormitory bed: Rs. 125 
Telephone: (0343) 6419159/9647902125

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