Charcoal located at an elevation of 5000 feet

Charcoal located at an elevation of 5000 feet sits pretty at the top of the eastern Himalayan range rewarding the tourists with natural abundance. Only 16 kilometers from Lolegaon and 22 kilometers from Kalimpong, Charcoal or Charkhol is a small Lepcha village tucked away in the lap of the Himalayas. Charcoal offers the most pristine forests in the eastern Himalayas and a breathtaking view of the Kanchenjunga which you will never forget in your life. Easy, simple, peaceful, Charcoal is arguably one of the best places for mind and body rejuvenation. With so much of greenery all around you, you will completely forget about the concrete jungle you have come from.

How to reach Charcoal 

Reaching Charcoal is easy once you have arrived at Lolegaon. You can trek, walk or even hire a vehicle to reach Charcoal.

Accommodation in Charcoal

The best part about Charcoal in terms of easy access to the tourists is its accommodation facilities. There are cottages in Charcoal which welcome you with open arms to enjoy your sojourn at this small village. The well developed accommodation units have contributed to the popularity of the destination among discerning travelers. You can put up at Dhanbagey Home, Heritage Farm, Waiba Home stay, Niyma Hoitsher Home Stay, Nijano Homestay, Cocomando Homestay, Anudith Lodge Rangaroon T.E., Peace Palace Homestay, Yonzon’s EC0-Tourism Homestay. Obviously as a part of the eco-tourism project these home stays have come up with excellent facilities for the tourists. Besides, there are some resorts as well like K Kunj Village Resort, Orange Villa, Mhendhola Dhim Resort, Golden Valley, Garden of Heaven, AUKS Homestay Soreong, Green Valley, Blue Pine Retreat and Trident Hill Resort where you can stay during your trip. The prices which include food and lodging range from 700-1700 INR. All the units are provided with modern amenities for the guests.

Attractions in Charcoal

The biggest highlight of Charcoal is the hypnotizing view and the color play at the snow capped peak of Kanchenjunga throughout the day. You can actually spend the entire witnessing nature’s love affair or take a stroll through the pine, cypress, oak and rhododendron forest. During the course you will notice various species of beautiful birds, butterflies, orchids and fragrant flowers. The ambience of Charcoal will have an everlasting effect on you and the view of Mt. Everest on clear days from Jhandi Dara is a visual treat. If you are missing some adventure, then trek to nearby Kafer only 15 kilometers from here.

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