Chibo in Kalimpong is famous for its flower nursery

Chibo is a busty found in the Kalimpong subdivision of Darjeeling district in West Bengal which is famous for its flower nursery. Busty meaning residential area; Chibo Busty is quite a famous community in Kalimpong. Located on 7th Mile Kalimpong Chibo Busty attracts a large number of tourists for the Standard Nursery of flowers. Standard Nursery is popular for growing magnificent and colorful Dahlias, Gerbera and different types of roses.

How to reach Chibo nursery

Reaching the nursery is easy. Once you reach Kalimpong from Darjeeling, you can walk or hire a local vehicle to take you to the Standard Nursery.

Attractions in Chibo nursery

It is an amazing place for horticulturists because he/she can learn a lot about the process. For general public it is a beautiful place to see a wide variety of roses including the rare ones, Dahlias and Gerbera.

Standard Nursery like all the other nurseries in Kalimpong facilitates export of plants and flowers to other parts of the world. The nursery has a seating arrangement inside and remains open throughout the week expect Sundays from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening. The weather of Kalimpong supports horticulture in the area. Therefore, beautiful plants are cultivated in various localities of Kalimpong for commercial purposes.

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    Really informative. Going to chibbo on 14.6.15.want to see Rikisum. Pl give information on lamhatta
    , is it worth viewing ?

    • Holidayhotspot Admin says:

      We would like to thank you for your interest in this page.
      Yes, Lamahatta is a small mountain village at an altitude of 1700 6800 Ft. and around 23km from Darjeeling. For more info please Google it.
      Please keep watch in a regular basis. More spots and more information are coming soon.


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