Adinathji Mandir - Pareshnath Temple, Kathgola Palace Garden, Murshidabad

Adinathji Mandir at Murshidabad

Adinathji Mandir is situated in the premises of Kathgola gardens which also houses the famous Kathgola Palace. Adinathji Mandir is also known as Pareshnath Temple dedicated to Bhagwan Adishvar. The deity is almost 90 centimeters high sitting on padmasana posture and is believed to be 900 years old. Lakhsmipat Singh Dugar built it in 1933 with white marble making it look pristine. The mandir is absolutely white in color with onion shaped domes. The architecture of the Mandir is influenced by Moghul, European, Rajasthani, traditional Jain and Bengali styles. It houses 17 images of Jain Tirthankaras.

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Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Jyoti Prakash Bhattacharjee

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