Char Bangla Mandir in Murshidabad

The Char Bangla Mandir or temple is located in Azimganj, Baranagore of Murshidabad district. It was built by Rani Bhavani, the Queen of Natore in 18th century. The temple complex comprises of twin Ek-Bangla temples heavily decorated entrance and the temples standing on 3 arches supported by pillars measuring 0.85m till the first tier and from there to the second tier measuring 0.62m. The main entrance of the complex is west facing and the dimension of each temple is 6.90Ă—7.80m. The height of each of the temple is 5.50m. The temples are exquisite examples of ornamentation on terracotta of Bengal. The temple in the east also has delicate plaster work on it. Some scenes from Hindu puranas and epics have been depicted on the decorated bricks.

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