Mandarmani is the most happening and upcoming seaside resort in West Bengal. It lies to the South West of Kolkata and is very near to Digha. People, who want a taste of the untouched beauty of Bay of Bengal throng to the area. Thousands of red crabs, walking on the sands is the highlight of the destination, especially in the monsoon. Mandarmani has a 13 kilometer long beach, the longest motorable beach in India, which can be driven through.

How to Reach

Mandarmani can be reached by:-

Road– This is the best means of reaching the seaside resort.  You can reach the place from Kolkata within 3.5 hours by car. Luxury cars are available on rental from Kolkata. The road takes a detour from Chawulkhola on the Kolkata-Digha highway. It is also possible to drive the last 2-3 km on the beach. However, it is wise to stay in the center of the beach as the sand near the sea is soft and may cause the tyres to get stuck.

Train– It is possible to travel part of the way by train up to Contai station. Travelling by road becomes necessary thereafter.

Bus– It is possible to get a luxury Whiteline coach to Chawulkhola from Kolkata or Howrah. Local, Public transportation is available to Mandarmoni from there. The fare is usually cheap about Rs 76 per passenger. However, the deluxe buses charge anything between Rs 100-Rs 400. The fare is set at Rs 160 from Kolkata- Chawulkhola on a Whiteliner.

Attractions & Activities

  • Red crab

    Watching the sunrise and sunset on the beach is a major attraction of Mandarmani.

  • The luxury hotel and resorts have a number of sporting activities going on round the clock.
  • Visiting a fishing village located about 5-6 km away from the beach is a must. It is nestled against the dense casuarinas and is a picturesque location.
  • A river delta lies at the end of the beach.
  • Red crabs, walking on the sand, are visible near the delta.

Popular activities at Mandarmani include:-

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Bathing in the sea
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Jet Skiing
  • Bungee Trampoline Jumps
  • Sunbathing


There are quite a few budget hotels, medium priced accommodations as well as luxury resorts in Mandarmani with the prices ranging from Rs 1500 to above Rs 5000 per day. The check-in time is usually around noon with the check out period ranging from 11 AM-11:30AM.

When to Visit

The best season to visit Mandarmani is between October to May.

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