Sillery Gaon

Sillery Gaon near Kalimpong

The soothing pine wrapped village of Sillery Gaon is situated at an elevation of 6000 feet. It is only 8 kilometers from Pedong and is termed as New Darjeeling due to its beauty, accessibility and affordability. The name Sillery is derived from a plant which grows aplenty in the region. This hamlet has also has a huge cinchona plantation to boast off. This village is arguably the best upcoming tourist destination in Darjeeling with its wilderness, silver Kanchenjunga peak, diverse flora and fauna. With so much greenery around you and of course the appealing view of the world’s 3rd highest peak Kanchenjunga, Sillery Gaon is a place oozing serenity to calm your raging soul. Even the most hardcore pragmatic person is bound to become a diehard romantic after visiting Sillery Gaon.

Time to go to Sillery Gaon

Visiting Sillery Gaon is permitted throughout the year. However, it is advisable to avoid the rainy season due to landslides and also unclear view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Summer is the best time to visit, however, if you can visit during winter season, the atmosphere is totally different with fog enveloping the village rendering a mystical charm to it.

Accomodation in Sillery Gaon

Sillary gaon nirmala village resortYou can trek from Pedong to arrive at Sillery Gaon which offers fantastic accommodation facilities to the guests. Being a small village Sillery Gaon offers a number of home stay facilities to the tourists as part of the eco-tourism initiative. It is bound to be a thrilling experience for those who have never stayed in a village. Their unique hospitality, clean rooms with round the clock hot water and home cooked food is going to give you some of the best memories in your life. The village doesn’t have electricity, but the owners of home stays ensure comfort to their guests by operating generators during the day and gas lamps or candles at night.

Attractions in Sillery Gaon

New Darjeeling has loads to offer to the tourists along with its scenic beauty. The fascinating hilltop known as Tin Chuley offers a panoramic view of the formidable Himalayan Range along with Nathu La, Jelep La passes and the town of Sikkim. Trekkers will obviously take this opportunity to explore the place and others can reach by car. After this majestic view, it is time for Ramitey Dara which is another famous vantage point from where the entire course of the mighty Teesta River can be seen along with the Himalayan Range. This appears like the shooting site of romantic films.

Only 4 kilometers from Sillery Gaon is the Damsang Fort constructed by the Lepchas in 1690. Though only the ruins of the fort are visible now, the place has gained importance among tourists because not many spots of historical significance are found in this area. Call it a day by a visit to the Silence Valley in Sillery Gaon. As suggested by the name, this is a thriving green valley with an all pervading silence occasionally broken by the chirping of the birds. If you manage to visit this vast tract of green land during the rains, you will be rewarded with a lovely sight of the lake known as Siyal Pokhri.

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