Purulia Baghmundi

Baghmundi is a small community development block located in the administrative division of Purulia. Every year thousands of tourists visit this place to witness the natural beauty of the magnificent Ayodhya Hills and the many dams. The picturesque landscape here consists of undulating hills, cascading waterfalls, lush green forests with rich variety of flora and fauna. Travelers can get a variety of experience from historical and archeological sites to eco tourism.

Ayodhya Hill, not very far from Baghmundi, is of immense mythological significance to the Hindus. It is believed that Lord Ram with his wife Sita had come to Ayodhya Hill during their exile. Lord Ram had pierced the earth with his arrow to bring out a gush of water to quench Sita’s thirst. From then, this place has been named Sita-kunda. On a Baisakhi full moon day, tribals from surrounding villages assemble here to join the game of hunting animals. They hunt small animals like rabbits and jungle hen.

Bagmundi Rajbari is a heritage building which dates back to 1733. Tourists visit this Rajbari mainly to see the Radha Govinda Temple housed inside the palace. This temple has been built in the form of ‘atchala’ or eight domed. One noticeable feature about this temple is that it is adorned by the geometrical and floral designs. A relatively new temple has terracotta figurines of Ram and Sita with their entourage placed on a podium or the ‘rasmancha’. Other terracotta figures represent the different episodes of Krishna like Krishna upholding the Gobardhan Parbat, the killing of Bakasur and Krishna surrounded by his Gopikas.

Purulia is famous for Chau dance. The exclusivity of Chau dance are the elaborate masks that the dancers have to wear. The masks used in the dance are made in the Charida village in Bagmundi area. The deft artisans known a sutradharas have been engaged in making Chau masks for generations. The elaborate mask speaks about their skills. Visit to this village is a must.

Travelers who are interested to know and learn about how tribals live and eat can visit the small tribal hamlets scattered around Baghmundi area. The tribals will welcome you to their home and even offer a cup of tea.

Tugga and Bramni falls near Baghmundi are favorite picnic spots. These dams are set in picturesque locales. The area is covered by tall Sal trees which bear testimony to the history of the place. The rich flora is the home to many varieties of birds. This is a perfect place to enjoy a lazy day with family and friends.

The Purulia Pump Storage Project is a 900 MW capacity hydro-electric project in this area. This mega project is set up in Ayodhya Hills near Bagmundi police station with assistance from Japan bank for International Cooperation. The project has been a major source of employment in this region.

Bagmundi with its surrounding areas in Purulia is definitely worth a visit and a great weekend escapade from the city hum drum. It is a tranquil and a serene place where you can replenish your energy and bounce back to the hectic city life.

Getting there and accommodation

To reach Baghmundi, one has to get down at Birbhum station and then by road to Baghmundi Bazaar. Tourists have to find accommodation in Purulia or nearby Ayodhya Hills.

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