Chalk Masjid or Mosque in Murshidabad

The Chalk Masjid or Chowk Mosque in Murshidabad is quite a popular tourist attraction located in the south eastern side of Hazarduari Palace. It was constructed by Munny Begum, consort of Mirjafar in 1760. The Chalk Masjid stands tall on the site of Chahel Setun built during the period of Murshid Quli Khan. The exterior and the interior of the masjid is adorned with beautiful and prolific cartouche, vegetal motifs and arch shaped recess with stucco. The mosque has a grand appearance due to the 5 domes in the center with 2 ‘chau-chala-end-vaults’. It is called the ‘Chowk’ because it is an intersection of 5 roads serving as the biggest market area of the city. Pious Muslims gather inside the mosque to observe Id-ul Zoha, Id-ul Fitr, and Ramzan.

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