Pankarma Homestay balcony at Icche Gaon

Pankarma Homestay at Icche Gaon

About the Homestay

Situated about a kilometer from the main town and nestled in a quite avenue with peace and privacy, this charming home stay is a perfect place to escape and relax after exploring the towns’ shop and local sightseeing. Danphe Daak promises the comfort of your home while you are away from it. Not far from the famous Mall and Chowrasta, the place is easily accessible with taxis readily available along the road.


  • Parking
  • Cash only

House Allows

  • Non Veg Food
  • Unmarried Couples
  • Pets (Dogs and cats)
  • NO Loud Music
  • Alcohol (In room)
  • Smoking (In room)

Bedrooms available for booking

Best room at Pankarma Homestay at Icche Gaon

Room type 1

3 Beded Room

Bathroom attached / 1 Single Bed / Sleep 1 / Bed tea / Breakfast / Lunch / Tea with snacks / Dinner

1100 FOR 1 NIGHT

Single Occupancy available


Included in the stay

  • Bed tea
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Tea with snacks
  • Dinner
  • Use of kitchen
  • Ask for local food


No special rules at all.

Echhey forest village or Icche Gaon full view

Echhey Forest Village or Echhey Gaon, one of the organic village in India

Echhey Gaon is a picturesque village in the lap of Himalayas surrounded by dense forest of Juniper, pine and birch where you will feel detached from human civilization. With loads of greenery and peace and quiet, this old-world village has not been spoilt with materialistic pleasure of the city life. This is an ideal place for the nature lovers at an altitude of 5,800 feet none of the machines can disturb you from relishing the natural abundance of this village. Only 12 kilometers away from Kalimpong and cab fare is around 800 INR, this incredibly pristine hamlet is home to approximately 30 families living in peace and happiness. If you wish to share their happiness then definitely visit Echhey Gaon or the Wishing Village.

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