Ghari Minar – Hazarduari, Murshidabad

The Ghari Minar or the Clock Tower of Murshidabad, West Bengal is located on coordinates 24°11′15″N 88°16′10″E / 24.187381°N 88.269315°E is a famous tourists spot. It is located to the south of Hazarduari Palace in the Nizamat Fort premises. It was erected in the garden area of Nizamat Fort probably for passengers traveling by boat and sailors. The Ghari Minar comprises of a heavy bell, the dial of a clock facing east towards Bhagirathi River and 4 masonry shields on 4 corners on the ground supported by 4 masonry lions. It is also known as the ‘Big Ben of Murshidabad’, the handles and figures of the clock being visible from the opposite bank. It was designed by Sagore Mistri, the same person who constructed Hazarduari Palace. He was the assistant to Colonel Duncan MacLeod. 

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