Cossimbazar Kuthi, Murshidabad

Cossimbazar Kuthi is a relatively less popular tourist spot in Murshidabad. The bazaar area used to be famous due to its silk production which has reduced these days. However, the Cossimbazar Kuthi stall stands at present. During its heyday Cossimbazar Kuthi used to be the residence of Babu Jagabandhu Roy, who was a high class Kulin during the Nawab’s time. He also became the chief of the Cossimbazar Silk Factory in 1760AD. It is also known that Job Charnock had worked in the capacity of assistant in this Kuthi for INR 300.

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Cossimbazar: Famous for the Cossimbazar Palace

Cossimbazar, also known as Kasimbazar or Kasim Bazar, is a census town in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal. The settlement lies on the riverbanks of Bhagirathi. In the past, the place formed a part of the Berhampore municipality. The number of people living in Cossimbazar in 1901 was only 1,262.

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