Bankura, a quaint sleepy district in western part of the West Bengal, is best known for its terracotta temples standing since ancient times. Apart from that, it also seems to be Mother Nature’s special child which has been handpicked and is blessed with mountains, dense forests, streams and what not. Unfortunately, it had failed to attract tourists from far flung areas though it always seemed to be thronged with local and nearby tourists. But thanks to expansion of tourism sector, from the past two decades Bankura has rose to prominence.

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Tarakeswar is a holy place for Hindu pilgrims

Tarakeswar is a holy place for Hindu pilgrims. Tarakeswar is a small town in Hooghly district in West Bengal. Principal attraction of this town is the temple of Taraknath where in Lord Siva is worshiped. This temple is founded by Mukunda Ghosh in 1729. Not only devotees from West Bangal visit this place, it attracts people from all over India.

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Ma Sarada Devi house, Joyrambati

Jayrambati, Bankura

Jayrambati is a village of Bankura district in West Bengal. Maa Sarada Devi was born in Jayrambati in 1853. Sri Sri Ramkrishna Dev married Maa Sarada Devi when she was only six years old. Not only wife she was spiritual companion of Sri SriRamkrishna Dev. Therefore Jayrambati has become one of the holy place for the followers of Sri Sri Ramkrishna Dev and Maa Sarada Devi. Continue reading